I always liked the idea of building my own car one day, and somehow assumed that I would build a Lotus 7 - type vehicle.  However, when I was given a final prod (thank Liz for that...) to actually do something about it and go and buy something, I spent quite some time investigating what was available in the marketplace.  This included looking at some more practical (although things are all relative...) kits, such as the Stylus & Fury.  I was, after all, planning to use the car on a daily basis on my commute to work (Liz can drive the sensible car during the week...).  However, the one car that caught my eye and continued to make sense was the Mojo:

- I like the idea of a mid mounted engine

- I like the idea of having a kit car that is not a 7

My final shortlist was between the RAW (formerly Sylva) Striker and the Mojo.  I like the Striker as it is a little bit different, and has a fantastic reputation for handling qualities, both of which appealed to me.  However, I thought the Mojo was the perfect replacement for the Striker in many ways, and I wouldn't want to be building 'last years model' would I?

After a couple of trips to see the Mojo demonstrator at the Sylva factory, a Mojo was ordered on 12th July 2003...