Fitting headrests - December 2009

When I originally ordered the Mojo kit, I had planned to fit some shell seats which would have included a headrest. I therefore ordered the kit without the rollbar diagonal (which includes the headrest mounts for the standard seats). However, I then failed to track down some shell seats that fitted the Mojo, and were comfortable, so I backtracked to fitting the standard Sylva issue seats. However, with no rollbar diagonal, I had nothing to mount the headrests to, so managed without... but always had in mind to come up with a headrest solution in the long term.

Well, over 5 years on, and I have finally got round to a solution! I ordered a set of headrests from Meggt as I decided that a DIY job on the trimming could end up looking nasty, and then set about designing a suitable bracket. I have seen some solutions with a simple plate fixed just to the top seatbelt mounts, but was concerned that this wouldn't be that strong when made out of thin aluminium plate. So, I decided to extend the bracket up to the rollbar. This meant a rethink on the securing system for my removable rear screen, but I came up with a solution that is better than before, helped out by the new brackets.

The pics should tell the story:

The rear screen was modified to suit the gap to the top of the headrest bracket, and now simply slides in from the side.