The mods part of the website details all the significant technical changes I have made to the Mojo since passing SVA. 

Latest tinkering chatter:

January 2014:

  • Added a new section detailing the 2012 rebuild

April 2011:

  • Used some 3M Di-Noc carbon film to trim the front of the rear wheel arches, and ended up doing the headlight surrounds and wing mirrors too...

Sep 2010:

  • Airbox & cold air feed now fully fitted

Jan 2010:

  • Fitted a headrest to the driver's side, with a passenger one to follow soon
  • Swapped from the old removable bonnet with pins to a hinged arrangement

Oct 2009

Aug 2009

  • The left hand outer rose joint (new when I fitted custom rear toe links in April 2008) started to show some signs of wear, with a little bit of play apparent. I had originally debated about trying the special rose joint rubber boots but chose not to. I have now soured a new joint and 2 boots, and fitted to both outer joints (there is not enough clearance to fit boots to the inner joints, but these don't get articulated so are less prone to wear). Interestingly the original right hand outer joint felt as good as new. Will have to see how much life I now get out of the booted joints - hopefully more than 16 months!

July 2009

  • I'm now running 15" wheels and tyres
  • I've swapped the radiator.  Almost from new the Maestro rad had moments when it leaked slightly, and it seems a bit borderline for cooling on a long motorway run - 100deg seems to be where it chooses to sit.  2 good reasons for an upgrade!

April 2009

  • I've finished making some side bolsters for the driver's seat, inspired by Matt Beardshaw's idea.  These are very simple vinyl covered pads that sit against the tunnel side and the outer panel, just to offer a bit more lateral support through the twisties...


  • Not particularly interesting, but I have swapped the horn.  The original unit is now getting noticeably quieter to the extent that on the odd occasion that I have to use it, I'm not convinced other drivers will hear it!  I guess it probably gets fairly wet with spray off the front wheels...  Anyway, I'm replacing it with a Stebel Nautilus Compact, which is very loud and only slightly bulkier and heavier than the original item.  I will relocate it behind the radiator so that it stays drier.