Sylva trackday - Elvington - 3rd April 2005

Steve Knee is organising a trackday aimed specifically, but not exclusively, at Mojo and R1ot owners.  The event is backed by Sylva who will be attending the event with both the Mojo and R1ot demo cars.  We have booked the West Circuit at Elvington, and hope to have a fun day driving on track and meeting other owners.  If you need more info, send me an email.

Steve is hoping to do some filming in addition to the usual taking of photos- hopefully some of that content will appear on this page after the event.


Well, this was a really fun day and a good opportunity to meet other Mojo builders, amongst others!  I had great fun out on the track.  This was quite simple, but included a couple of chicanes, a hairpin and a variety of medium speed corners.  

My only mishap of the day was losing the back end just before the apex of one of the quicker corners, to the extent that the front of the Mojo slid sideways through the soil and grass on the inside of the corner.  This would have been fine if I'd pulled the visor on my helmet down, but as I hadn't a got an eyeful of flying debris.  Whoops.  After lots of bathing my eyes were good enough to enjoy the rest of the day, but they were pretty sore.  I will learn from that one...  Once I could see again, I set to and swept all the rubbish out of the Mojo- I had quite a collection of weeds, grass and soil floating around the interior!  Thankfully a few other people had spins during the course of the day, so I didn't feel too foolish...

My car ran really well all day, we were only running for about 5 laps at a time but I managed to burn most of a full tank of fuel, over probably about 10 sessions.  The only real damage was from the small stones on the circuit, my rear arches are looking a bit the worse for wear.  However, I believe that owning a kit car should be a fun experience, and it won't put me off doing airfield days in the future.

The filming session ended up taking up about 45minutes, some of the results of which will hopefully appear on this page before too long.