Curborough sprint track - 20th April 2006

For an introduction to Curborough, please see the 2005 visit.

Unfortunately this visit to Curborough was not as sunny as last year!  However, although this made spectating less appealing, it did make for some good fun on the track.  I have always been especially cautious when driving the Mojo in the wet, so this was a good opportunity to see what the balance was like in wet conditions, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I did still manage a couple of spins, but on the whole you could slide the car around a little on the exits to the corners- I found that a 'slow in, fast out' approach works best, otherwise the weight at the back end of the Mojo can end up doing the steering on the way in to the corners.  Far better to be neat and tidy to the apex, and slide the tail out a bit on the exit.

It is difficult to know if my softer rear springs made the car more friendly- certainly there was no problem with understeer, as I had feared there might be in the wet!

The recently fitted throttle bodies performed well, the car now seems to have a bit more go at the top end, and sounds really good too.

I didn't get any pictures of the Mojo in action, but here are a few of Ruari in his Cosworth Fury- not really the ideal car for these conditions as it would spin the power away in pretty much any gear at any speed- scary...


Ruari Coles' Fury in action

Ruari Coles' Fury in action

Ruari Coles' Fury in action

Ruari Coles' Fury heads for the scenery