This site details the build of my Sylva Mojo kit car to SVA, subsequent modifications after SVA, and trackdays and events that I have attended.  The kit was ordered on 12th July 2003, collected on 11th October 2003, and SVA passed on 3rd September 2004.  Since then car has been in daily use on my commute to work, all year round! 

The record of the build is intended to be of benefit both to myself and to others who are building (or thinking of building) a Mojo, or indeed any kit car.  I've also included a section to give tips to those who might be considering building a Mojo, which should help explain some of the options available, and a history of major changes to the Mojo design over the years.

I've moved to using a Facebook feed for small updates and news, embedded below:


10th November:

Added a report on my recent Blyton Park trackday.

Further updated the gallery pages with new pictures from Bas Bais of his rebuilt Mojo.

3rd September:

My Mojo is now 10 years old! And still going strong at 47,000 miles!

1st May:

Updated the gallery pages to reflect a few Mojos having changed hands, and added some new pics of Gary Shaw's Mojo (originally Keith Dempsie's car).

Stoneleigh show at the weekend - see you there!

20th January 2014:

First update for a long time!

The big news is that from March 2012 to January 2013 the Mojo was off the road for a major rebuild that stemmed from a cambelt tensioner failure. This escalated into a new engine, replacement gearbox, hydraulic clutch upgrade and partial strip back of the chassis and suspension to deal with the failing powder coat. The full story is now uploaded here.

It is now a year since the car went back on the road (MOT just passed once again!), and as before it is proving reliable, now with 2.0 Zetec power! I've updated the spec pages to reflect the changes...

Shortly after returning to the road, I took part in a trackday at Cadwell Park organised by Javelin Trackdays. The bonus was free entry after winning the monthly Javelin prize draw! The report is here.

For previous news updates, see old news...

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