1st August: 45m: Removed steering column from Sierra.

Sierra steering column

4th August: 1h30m: Changed outer driveshaft boots.

6th August:  1h30m Modified left hand Fiesta upright with the angle grinder.  This was hard work, and it was rather hot seeing as we had temperatures in the low 30s all week!  Finished the cut with a file to give a nice smooth finish.

modified upright

7th August:  1h30m Modified right hand Fiesta upright.  It was still hard work!

8th August:  Collected twin Weber 40 DCOE carbs, found on findit for 100.

boxed carbs

11th August: 1h00mChecked what jets, chokes and venturis the carbs were fitted with.  32mm chokes should work OK for starters, as will the 140 main jets, F16 emulsion tubes, 4.5 venturis and 40 pump jets according to Dave Andrew's carb jetting utility.  I only have 3 air correctors (!), but they need changing from the fitted 140s anyway, as will the 45F4 idle jets.

15th August:  Took uprights to local garage to get new wheel bearings fitted.

17th August:  Collected build stands from a wscc member.

build stands

20th August:  Collected uprights complete with new bearings.

21st August:  2h30m Modified the rear brake caliper brackets with the angle grinder.  You need a fairly steady hand to do this, taking off too much is not a good idea.  I erred on the side of caution, and then finished off the cuts with a file.  To check, the discs need to be fitted to the hubs, and the brackets bolted to the uprights.  The brackets need to sit centrally over the discs.

modified brackets

24th August:  Won ebay auction for a set of wheels & tyres.  This is how they should look:

Ebay wheels grafted into image

25th August:  4h30m:  Painted front and rear calipers & brackets, steering column, and fiesta uprights & driveshafts.  I knew those build stands would come in useful for something...

Paint drying

27th August:  Alloys arrived from Rochford tyres.  I'm pleased with the look of the wheels- I think they'll suit the Mojo well.  Tyres are only el-cheapo Matadors, but they'll get me on the road, plus they're one of the acceptable sizes- 185/55 R14s.  I plan to swap the rear tyres for 195/60 R14s at some point in the future.

Wheels and tyres

Total time spent during August: 8h45m

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