Was away on holiday in Crete for the first week in September, so no progress was made until...

7th September: 1h00m: Began the strip down of one of the carbs.  Seems relatively clean inside, with the exception of the starter circuit which is seized.  This is not going to get connected up (normal for twin 40s) so shouldn't cause problems- I guess it is seized up due to non-use in it's previous installation.

8th September: 1h00m: Started using liberal quantities of carb cleaner to, erm, clean the carb :-)

9th September: Jeremy Phillips confirmed my kit should be ready to collect the first week in October!

10th September: Inlet manifold arrived in the post:

Weber manifold for Zetec

Not a lot has happened recently as we have been decorating the bathroom...  Decided it was best to get these DIY jobs out of the way before the kit arrives!

29th September:  Ordered my engine!  It's a January 1995 130bhp Zetec- sourced from fms ford spares.  I also ordered a Focus 1.6 gear linkage.

Total time spent during September: 2h00m (hmmm, not very impressive!)

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