12th July: Kit ordered!

15th July: Located XR2 & various Sierras in local scrap yard

18th July: 8h00m: Pulled uprights, driveshafts, and gearbox from XR2, front calipers from Sierra.  Ran out of time to get rear brakes from Sierra!

The booty from the scrapyard

Sierra front calipers XR2 front uprights

23rd/24th July: 4h00m: Cleaned up gearbox and uprights.  Amazing what a bit of elbow grease (& GUNK) can achieve:

clean gearbox

25th July: 2h00m: Separated front calipers & brackets, ready for exchange.  Cleaned up front caliper brackets & Fiesta uprights ready for painting.

front caliper brackets

rear caliper brackets

26th July: 2h30m: Back to the scrap yard for rear calipers.  Ended up with right rear from a Granada & left rear from a Sierra.  Don't ask...  Separated calipers & brackets, & cleaned up the brackets ready for painting.  Exchanged front and rear calipers for reconditioned units at local motor factor.

recon front caliper

recon rear caliper

Total time spent during July: 16h30m


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